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Janitorial Services in Northern KY

CCS Commercial Cleaning Services in Covington KY guarantees that your customer's first impression is a fantastic one.


Ensuring spotless windows, stain-free carpets, and a dust-free workspace, we guarantee that the satisfaction of clients, employees, and even yourself will be upheld in a pristine working environment.

Our janitorial cleaning services in Covington KY work hard to ensure a clean and disinfected environment.


We provide the best cleaning business services in Northern KY and Cincinnati OH.

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What services do you provide for commercial businesses?

Depending on the specific business, we can provide a variety of services such as: deep cleaning, janitorial services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor care, pressure washing, and post-construction clean-up. We can also provide specialty services such as sanitizing, odor control, and disinfecting.


What training and qualifications do your janitorial cleaners have?

Our janitorial cleaners are professionally trained in cleaning, safety, and proper use of cleaning products. Our cleaners also have experience with various cleaning techniques, such as steam cleaning, pressure washing, and more. All of our janitorial cleaners follow industry-approved guidelines and safety protocols.


What is your experience in cleaning a medical office?

In cleaning a medical office, we focus on disinfecting traffic areas and high-touch surfaces. This includes doorknobs, light switches, countertops, toilets, sinks, and other commonly touched surfaces. We also vacuum carpets, mop floors, and dust surfaces. We also use sanitizing wipes and sprays to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected.


What safety and hygiene protocols do you follow to ensure the cleanliness of my business?

We follow industry standards and government regulations when it comes to commercial cleaning. Standards are set and each cleaner must complete their training and demonstrate knowledge transfer for the safety and well being of each of our customers.


medical office cleaning in Florence KY

Construction site needing cleaned

Post Construction Cleanup

Construction projects can leave your business space with dust, dirt, and grime. Give your space the TLC it deserves by hiring CCS to complete a Construction  Clean. Our trained cleaning specialists use the best products and tools to give you the desired result you are looking for. This service includes vacuuming carpets, cleaning floors, wiping down kitchen and bathroom surfaces, cleaning window sills, and removing any lingering debris. Have a special request? We can customize our commercial cleaning services services for each separate project based on your needs. 

Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

Commercial Cleaning Services (CCS) is the go-to place for all janitorial services in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Our staff is highly trained in keeping your business clean and safe for customers and staff. 
We provide professional janitorial services that include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, trash removal, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, and restocking toiletries. We are the best janitorial services commercial cleaning business and understand that every customer has different janitorial needs, and we are more than happy to handle this task. Call us for a quote and to schedule routine janitorial services in Northern KY and Cincinnati OH.

carpet cleaning

Throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati OH, many businesses desperately need an efficient carpet cleaning service. Although multiple companies provide such services, none can match the quality of Commercial Cleaning Services. Professional business or office carpet cleaning services can help keep your carpets clean and prolong their lifespan. CCS is a trusted carpet cleaning company with years of experience in quality services.

Floor cleaning

VCT Sealing and Waxing 

VCT flooring is a common choice of flooring in commercial buildings. For VCT floors to keep up their appearance and prevent permanent damage they must regularly be maintained. VCT is manufactured with a very thin factory finish coat of wax meant to protect it against minor abrasions during shipping and installation. Let CCS handle the initial and routine sealing and waxing of your VCT flooring to keep your investment protected and looking great. No matter where or what type of environment, our team of floor cleaning specialists can handle your needs. 

Areas We Serve

Florence, Covington, Kentucky

Erlanger, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky

Ft. Mitchell, Ft. Wright, Park Hills, Burlington, Kentucky

Independence, Crestview Hills, Kentucky

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Janitorial Services: Professional Commercial Cleaning Solutions


CCS cleaning services offer specialized commercial sanitation options for enterprises of varying scales and categories. These proficient cleaning specialists focus on tasks such as office sanitation, floor maintenance, carpet care, window upkeep, and restroom hygiene. Additionally, cleaning services provide the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to keep workspaces clean, sanitary and visually appealing.

At CCS Commercial Cleaning Service, we offer specialized commercial cleaning tailored to businesses and homes across Northern Kentucky. Our skilled cleaning crews focus on critical sanitation tasks like office sanitation, floor care, carpet maintenance, and restroom hygiene. We provide the necessary equipment and proven techniques to keep your workplace clean, sanitary, and presentable.

Our cleaning staff is highly-trained on methods optimized for the unique needs of hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, retail stores, and more in this region. We customize our cleaning plans based on the size and nature of your business to deliver effective, professional service.

Choose CCS Commercial Cleaning for locally-owned janitorial services you can trust. Our goal is keeping your Northern Kentucky business clean, safe, and healthy through our experienced crews and customized sanitation plans. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial cleaning services.

Benefits of Professional Janitorial Services

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Stop struggling to keep your home and office clean - bring in the cleaning experts! Our experienced cleaning team has everything needed to keep your spaces fresh, sanitized, and clutter-free on a regular basis. The benefits of using our cleaning services are:

  • High-quality cleaning services

  • Specialized cleaning products and equipment

  • Proven cleaning methods and processes such as laundering cleaning tools after each use

  • Flexible scheduling options

  • Customized cleaning services

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Environmentally friendly processes

Types of Janitorial Services

Professional janitorial services offer a wide range of cleaning services. Here are some of the most common services provided by janitorial services:

Workplace sanitation encompasses routine cleaning tasks like vacuuming, wiping away dust, and sweeping floors and disinfecting surfaces. Custodial providers can additionally offer extensive cleaning solutions, which involve carpet maintenance, window purification, and furniture cleanse.

  • Floor Cleaning

Custodial companies deliver floor maintenance solutions that encompass tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, and vigorous scrubbing. Additionally, these services may comprise of a wax application, surface buffering, and polish enhancement to guarantee your floors maintain an optimal appearance.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Preserving sanitary carpets is crucial for upholding a hygienic and tidy office environment. Our floor team deep cleans to eradicate grime, dust particles, and allergens embedded within your carpeted surfaces.

Preserving spotless windows is essential for upholding an impeccable and appealing office setting. Skilled custodial companies like CCS possess the required equipment and materials to thoroughly clean both the inner and outer surfaces of your window panes.

  • Bathroom Cleaning

Restroom sanitation solutions encompass sterilizing, disinfecting, and odor removal for all bathroom surfaces. Custodial companies can further offer extensive cleansing techniques, which involve addressing grime in grout lines and tile maintenance.

  • Dusting Services

Eliminating dust is crucial for preserving a tidy and hygienic office environment. Our expert custodial team possess the required equipment and materials to meticulously remove dust from various surfaces within your work setting.

  • Disinfecting Services

Sanitation solutions provided by office cleaning experts, such as CCS Commercial Cleaning Services, are essential in protecting the welfare and health of both staff members and guests. Our crew of proficient service specialists apply sanitizers to thoroughly eliminate microorganisms, viral particles, and detrimental pathogens from frequently touched surfaces and shared spaces within your workplace.

Clean Up

Expert custodial companies offer organizations of various scales and categories top-notch, economical, and eco-conscious sanitation options. These services concentrate on aspects like office tidying, floor maintenance, carpet care, window purification, and restroom sanitation. Additionally, custodial providers also furnish necessary cleaning products and dust management techniques to ensure a spotless, hygienic, and appealing business setting.



Hi, I'm Julie,

the founder of Commercial Cleaning Services. Throughout my career in corporate facilities management, I recognized there was a real need for cleaning teams who got the job done right the first time. I wasted hours of my time retracing and finishing up half-baked jobs.


It’s my promise to you that you will be satisfied with our cleaning services every time. That’s why I have created a team of type-A perfectionists like me and why every new janitorial services is done by me first for on-hand training. I look forward to helping create the office cleaning experience you have always wanted.





Why work for CCS Cleaning? Good money, flexible schedules, and lots of opportunity! If you have the below characteristics and are interested, we want to hear from you!







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